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Welcome to SwantTel

SwanTel - Call Management Products

Callista Multifunctional

Callista Multifunctional is a sophisticated, powerful, easy-to-use call management system, which can be seamlessly integrated with any PABX type to track and allocate all telephone/fax/internet calls to help you manage your telephone costs. Powerful reporting features incorporate data and graphs for maximum information and maximum impact. The system's automatic report scheduler lets you schedule reports with minimum effort and can be activated daily, weekly, monthly or for any user-defined time period.

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    Interpac Teltrac DNS

    The TELTRAC-DNS Server captures CDR call log records in real time and processes them in real time from up to 256 PBX on your Private Voice Network, all on a single Pentium workstation. Call records are processed using the correct local currencies and tariffs or PSTN calls, and uses your own costing scheme for Network calls. Your network may consist of a single PBX type (Lucent, Nortel, Siemens, Alcatel, NEC, Aria, Samsung, etc...) or any mix of switches, DNS will handle them all.

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