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Welcome to SwantTel

On-Hold Messages

Keep callers up-to-date, promote new products, advise customers of current promotions, improve your business name and provide practical information for customers who have been placed on hold or have been transferred.

SwanTel offers a cost effective service which includes:

  • Imaginative scripting 
  • Music licenses
  • Professional voicing
  • Studio production time
  • An intelligent Digital Messaging Unit that updates itself automatically via our Message Announcement Server.

We also offer comprehensive technical support ensuring your On-Hold service is always operational. All voice message productions range between 4 and 12 individual messages, making up the entire production and depends completely on your requirements. Each message plays for approximately 20-30 seconds and can consist of two voices, male and female, however this decision is left entirely up to you.

If you require assistance about the various plans which are available, aren’t sure which plan would best suit your company, or require pricing details, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Competitive rates are just the beginning!

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