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Welcome to SwantTel

SwanTel - Call Routing Products

 Call Stream Receptionist          


CallStream is a software package that integrates to TAPI compatible Phone Systems, allowing incoming calls to be routed with ease to the appropriate extension whilst giving the operator/receptionist a clear view of which staff members are currently out of the office, in a meeting, at lunch or currently on the phone (when used in Conjunction with the Call Stream Desktop module).

Simple Drag-and-Drop functionality means transferring calls is simplified and missed call details can also be retrieved and returned as necessary.  The standard features that are available with CallStream can be viewed in the Standard Features Demonstration, however speakers are required to make the most of the presentation.

The operator can even take messages and send an e-mail to the appropriate staff member with a few mouse clicks, whereby the callers name and phone number are automatically included in the e-mail (provided CLI is enabled). This feature is summarised in the CallStream E-mail Demonstration, however, once again, speakers are required to make the most of the demonstration.  

A PowerPoint Presentation of the CallStream software package can also be downloaded and viewed which steps through the main features that are included with the basic module. 


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